Here’s another double because these two ladies are a perfect team. (Heads up, you’re getting another team tomorrow. Deal with it.) Also, DaiKatsu’s Lieutenant gets another photo guest appearance. XD

Featured Cosplayers: Ambrosia and Pork Buns

While I’ve only shot with Krys once (one of my favorite characters of all time, Ryoko) I have known her for several years and can safely say she is one of my favorite people. Krys has a great sense of humor, she’s not afraid to be silly, and she always makes me smile. As busy as she is being a scientist by day and an arteest by night (or sometimes the other way around), for me, Krys is kind of the embodiment of “cosplay is for fun”. She has given me advice that has helped me when I needed it, and I honestly really admire her, her work, and her kindness. Her costumes are beautiful, as are her wigs, and I’ve seen her pull some serious MacGyver stuff like turning doilies into a stunning head piece.

I’m actually more than fairly certain that if you put Krys in a cave with Pork Buns and a box of scraps, they would emerge as Iron Man and Pepper Potts.

Speaking of Pork Buns, Tina also does breathtaking things with cosplay. She makes things that look like she somehow walked out of the television, the living character. Seriously, when I first saw her Amon costume, I was stunned. I so admire the fearlessness I have seen in her when it comes to trying new things and expanding her skills. Her attention to detail is stunning, and her love for masks and making them makes me smile. I can never wait to see what she’ll do next. Tina’s sense of humor is fantastic and she is one of the most helpful cosplayers I have ever seen (especially when it comes to her Journey costume and helping people to make their own!). She gave me great advice when I was trying to figure out make-up scars, and I hope one day I might be able to make them as perfectly as she does. While I’ve only taken a couple pictures of her, I hope one day we can shoot together more.


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